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You’ve been found guilty. It doesn’t matter the crime or even if you did it. The Scarlet Queen decided you should be banished. It might be because you’re a Blooded, or maybe are working against her, but the result is the same.

They call it the Portal of Judgement. It was found a thousand years ago as the great imperial city was being built. Probably long forgotten magic, no one could determine where it went. When the Scarlet Queen defeated her enemies and seized power, she sent people through as a punishment for resisting her rule. Eventually it was expanded to include people who’s crime merited death. Finally it was used to send undesirables and criminals of all sorts. Most thought it killed you, but now you know differently.

Whether you fought valiantly and killed many imperial soldiers or was caught in your sleep, you were tried and sent through. Waking up on the other side, you see a city around you. People explain this is the city of New Hope and no one will ask why you’re here. Everyone here has been through the portal or was born here and doesn’t know the other world. Most are looking for a new start. If you don’t cause trouble, you can stay here. Otherwise you’ll be kicked out or killed.

In a daze, you hear about how the city is on an island. How several cities exist, but this land is dangerous. Monsters and dangers exist and no one is safe outside the city walls. But some leave to find adventure. Some return with tales of ruins containing treasure and wonders from the first age. Most never return.

What will you do in this new world? How will you approach this new life given to you?

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