Essentially a semi-human, most have powers or abilities humans can only dream of given through their lineage. Many types of Blooded exist in three categories.

Lesser Blooded This group includes Beastmen, Zombies, Monks, Mages, Lesser Scions, Fairies, and Death-touched. These are mostly human, tracing their connection back past their great grandparents or further.

Blooded This group includes Were-Creatures, Shih, Sorcerers, Hunters, Scions, Forged Ones, Fae-touched, and Ghouls. These Blooded trace their connection back only a few generations. The exception to this are the Hunters and Forged Ones, who do not gain power from ancestry, but from some other source.

Greater Blooded This group includes the Exalted, gods, Fae, Vampires, and Greater Were-Creatures. They either are the direct result of powerful magics or have no human blood at all.


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