There is a sparkle in here eyes, as her fiery red hair sways in the wind, Mischief rolls off of her like steam from the early morning sea.


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Archtype: Judge/Vigilante

Physical: 6
Toughness: 1
Mental: 3

Athletics: 6
Thievery: 3
Sneak: 3
Speech: 3
Profession (Pirate): 3
Profession (Sailor): 2

Ignore movement penalties for pitching or slippery decks
+1 die code to defense on a ship Specialties
Athletics – Balance: 7

Additional Unknown Feat

Attack: 1d8
Defense: 1d6
Vitality: 1
HP: 1

Treasure Map marked “S.O.T. within the Scarlet Queen’s seal in the lower right hand of the map” (Offer of 25 Gp from Catherine the Bookseller)
Small Dagger with Scarlet Queen Seal in the hilt
16 Gp

Qiao of the Mo Kung: This power enhances stats. Level 1 allows you to boost your toughness stat by 1 (max)
Qiao of the Chien: This power protects your energy. Level 1 allows you to increase the die code of your defense stat vs chi or draining attacks.
Qiao of the Zhu Mao: This power increases movement and defense. Level 1 allows you to move silently and without any trail. This will allow +2 for sneak checks involving sound.

Level 2
xp: 9
Next Level 17


Captured for slave trade as a young child, went from Master to master, until the first time she was ever sold overseas, she was rescued by a swashbuckling treasure hunter, who told her that no one should be chained to someone else’s whims, and she’s been on the seas ever since, they are her freedom from the slavery she felt on land, shew grew up from 10-17 or so on his boat, stealing from the queen when they could, when he retired, and she took his place, until she was finally caught at the age of 19 by the queens ships in a trap.


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