Zynx Douqi

My cloak is old and rigid. Though there is a sense of anxiety around me, there is also a settling calmness as well. I am fairly short and frail.


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Archtype: Visionary

Physical: 1
Toughness: 3
Mental: 5

Divine: 6
Wilderness: 3
Profession (Teacher/Philosopher): 3

Perception – Listen: 1
Perform (Keyboard, Percussion, String, Wing Instruments and Sing): 1

Superior Hearing
Additional Unknown Feat

Attack: 1d6
Defense: 1d6
Vitality: 1
HP: 3

Scroll of Read Magic (12.5 Gp)
33.5 Gp

Lore of Humanity: This power displays your divine heritage and right to rule over mortals. Level 1 allows you to understand the speech of anyone and speak to anyone and be understood.
Lore of Patterns: This power based on visions. Level 1 allows you to focus on an event and see where, why, and how it will come to pass.
Lore of Light: This power allows you to control light. Level 1 allows you to create soft moonlight-like light in an area or injure creatures with bright flashes of light.

Level 2
xp: 8
Next Level 17


I have seen lots of bloodshed as the King’s visionary specialist or someone who can see into the future. My parents were slaves when the king took over our land/people. Before the take over we were peaceful people and my folks were the medicine men of the village. They were close to the gods of our people and were respected by the gods in return. The king took over when I was young and lived with my parents until I was about ready to enter into manhood. The king found out about our abilities and I was taken away from my people as for I was young and could be taught in the ways of our “new” leader to serve them without trouble. I was able to seek the truth and used it to my advantage. Though I have given my people their land back, I am still an outcast and shunned away. Thought I would be heroic and honored, but that wasn’t the case. I have been able to live off the land for the past several years and have found a sanctuary in nature.

Zynx Douqi

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