Dade Krauss

27 years old. Stands about 5'8". very muscled. Tribal tattoos cover his upper body and arms.


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Archtype: Judge/Vigilante

Physical: 6
Toughness: 3
Mental: 1

Athletics: 3
Thievery: 3
Sneak: 6
Speech: 3
Craft (Weapons): 3

+1 die code to attack when using oversized weapons

Monkey Grip
Additional Unknown Feat

Attack: 1d8
Defense: 1d6
Vitality: 1
HP: 3

Masterwork Short Sword (310 Gp) Alira’s notes: +2 to survival rolls around New Hope, +1 elsewhere (100 Gp, 40 outside of New Hope) 73 Gp

Qiao of the Yu An: This power allows you to see past illusions or deceptions. Level 1 allows you to see the natural form of creatures and spirits, although doesn’t yet see past magic created to deceive.
Qiao of the Long Ling: This power allows you to intimidate or pass judgment on creatures. Level 1 allows you to stare down an opponent and freeze them in their tracks.
Qiao of the I Shen: This power uses written holy power to capture or injure monsters. Level 1 allows you to simply hurt creatures with this power, and often serves as a warning.

Level 2
xp: 9
Next Level 17


Father was a blacksmith, and mother owned a tavern. His father was killed in a scuffle protecting his mom. He died because the weapon he was using broke. Ironic for a blacksmith. Dade uses his Large Great Sword to deal out his own form of judgment to those he deems unworthy. His mother still owns the tavern and is in good health.

Dade Krauss

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