• Aven


    There is a sparkle in here eyes, as her fiery red hair sways in the wind, Mischief rolls off of her like steam from the early morning sea.
  • Dade Krauss

    Dade Krauss

    27 years old. Stands about 5'8". very muscled. Tribal tattoos cover his upper body and arms.
  • Rigil


    Walking tall and proud, Rigil, a tall human with long brown hair and a beard, projects an air of confidence in his sorcerer's robe (which will conceil light chain mail)
  • Zynx Douqi

    Zynx Douqi

    My cloak is old and rigid. Though there is a sense of anxiety around me, there is also a settling calmness as well. I am fairly short and frail.
  • Thyr


    Keeping his cloak just low enough you can't make out his face, you get a sense of danger emanating from this person.