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Week 1

Squinting against the sunlight you see a large city around you. A little ways away is a dock by an ocean or lake. The weather seems colder than at the Imperial City, and you breathe a sigh of relief that you are not dead.

Once through the Portal and you get your bearings, you’re introduced to Vasha the Receiver. Intelligent and middle aged, she helps new arrivals through the portal and helps them adjust and find gainful employment. Explaining you’re in the city of New Hope on the Island of Refuge, she’ll offer to help anyway she can.

She mentions the nearby Temple of Hermes has an almshouse for new arrivals and the poor. It’s not perfect, but with no money or equipment, it’s probably the best place you’ll find for a few days. They’ll put you up for free the first week, but after that a tiny “donation” is expected (Low Lifestyle, 1 Gp cost with -2 speech and profession checks).

If you find work quickly, there’s the Blacksheep Hostel and the Watergate Hostel (Common Lifestyle, 12 Gp cost with no penalties). Vasha recommends Blacksheep as Watergate is more for sailors and dockhands. She will attempt to find work and would ask, “What skills do you possess?”, but this can take a few days.

After this you’re approached by a variety of merchants and moneylenders. by paying back 60 Gp in one month, you can borrow up to 15 Gp from Aamir or Harald the dock moneylenders. And several people offer to sell everything from clothes and tools to weapons and armor for slightly higher than average prices. (Shop list below)

A little ways away you see some older kids picking on a younger one as they yank something out of his hands. “Treasure map huh? Yeah right! We’ll show you what to do with this.”, as they prepare to throw it into the water below the dock.

The temple steps is hosting an argument between a elder priest and younger male acolyte, “You can’t even master the basics of priesthood! I know you want this, but we can’t afford any more mistakes. Come back when you can make up for breaking every magic potion we had.”

Dock Merchant lists (First come, first serve):

Spiked Chain (weapon), 35 Gp
10 pieces of Parchment, 3 Sp each
Rapier, 30 Gp
sledgehammer, 2 Gp
Pint Flask of Oil, 2 Sp
Empty Flask, 5 cp
Punching Dagger, 3 Gp
20 Arrows, 1 Sp each
Greatclub, 8 Gp
Chalk, 1 Cp


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