Banished for a crime you likely didn’t commit, explore this new world and find your own path.

Welcome to New Hope. The town in the center of a game played entirely over email. The characters and actions are simplified to allow 1 email a week to cover a character’s actions.

This game is different from other RPG’s because you don’t control the character directly. Because it’s over email with 1-2 times a week contact, you set up the personality, explain how they handle certain circumstances and give them direction. If there’s a fight or a conversation it’s all handled by the GM (me) with rolls and your descriptions as guidelines for how it works out.

What your character does is determines by background, archetype, skills, feats, etc, so if you build a combat machine, be prepared for him/her to fight their way out of every situation. It’s more like the Sims than Halo, but I will not spend money (except for living expenses) without your direction to do so.

Anything your character does cannot be undone (no do-overs), but if you think they should’ve handled a situation differently, let me know what you would’ve liked them to do and why (Thyr hates authority and would’ve fight the guards instead of talking his way out of it) and I’ll update your character personality information and have them act closer to what you want next time.

Anytime your character discovers something about the world, it will be updated for all to see. Anyone can act on any information, as this is a “free” world. Characters will automatically “team up” when going for similar goals in the same part of the world.

One Newsletter email will be sent out every week. It’s about new rules, information everyone has, what’s going on in the world, updates to the campaign information on Obsidian.

One last thing… This is a dangerous world, especially on the Island of Refuge. If you go looking for trouble, you can find it. Character’s can die and there isn’t a way to bring them back. The emphasis for this game will be the story and developing world and not combat, since combat will take place “off screen”. Although combat can and will take place.

Let me know what your character is doing this week. In most cases only one “major action” can be attempted in a week. Major actions would be helping someone, talking to a specific NPC about a specific item, investigating the town, searching for a thieves guild, finding a job yourself, etc. A job for living expenses counts as a second Major action, so you can abandon your job to concentrate on a specific action (If your employer will allow).

Any number of minor actions can be attempted. Minor actions include day-to-day living, buying or selling, chatting with other players, etc.

Example of play: Thyr the Hand, upon arriving to New Hope several months ago, looked around town for an assassin’s guild. Don’t want to step on anyone’s toes just yet. He also took advantage of the Almshouse as he’s not too proud to take from other people. He used his thieving skills to pickpocket around town for his “job”. And took advantage of both moneylenders offers to get some a punching dagger and arrows to create makeshift thieves tools from the nearby merchants.

View the Wiki for information about the setting and game and contact for more information.

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